Renting a crane can be a easy if you know what you’re doing and take the right steps to prepare. If you don’t, it can be a big problem. There are a lot of people involved, a lot of organizing to do and it can be difficult to manage.

But these crane rental tips can help you thru the process.

Have a clear idea of what your project details

Know what’s needed for a successful crane rental. When you rent a crane, you don’t just need the crane, you need a rigger. They fasten the straps, chains and cable. They execute the “lift.” Depending on the job, they may execute other duties as well. When you hire Krane Works, we do it all for you!

Book in advance

Do everything you can to make yourself a priority for the crane company, including having your booking done far in advance. You don’t want to call and discover that the crane isn’t available on the day you need.

Schedule lift for working hours

Schedule the lift for normal working hours. This can help save you money both on the facility side and on the crane rental side. Working during off hours can increase your budget by a tremendous amount.

Prep the facility or area

Make sure that the facility or area is ready for the lift or work. If you need windows, doors or walls removed, have it done in advance. This is typically the responsibility of your operations team.


It’s been brought up multiple times, but it is important. Communication is key!

So the next time you need a crane to get your job complete and you’re searching for crane rental company ct or crane rental company near me because you have a tree emergency need ensure that you rent it from KraneWorks an established crane rental company in CT. Call us now to book your job or fill out the form on this page.