The job you need performed will determine your crane rental needs. Whether it’s tree removal, HVAC construction, or even assembling heavy equipment…there’s definitely a crane for it! However, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to cranes.

Different Types of Cranes

Rentals an vary widely for cranes. Mounted cranes can be brought to the site via roads and rough terrains. Floater cranes lift loads off boats. Crawler cranes can travel while carrying a heavy load. Here we will touch on the main types of cranes you are likely to come across as you search for cranes in google.

Truck Cranes

Truck cranes mount on a vehicle. This makes it easy for transportation. On site, the rigging stabilizers usually extend horizontally from the out-board chassis. You can vertically adjust these in order to keep the crane (and its load) stable and suitable for the terrain.

Rough-Terrain Cranes

These cranes are mounted on a flatbed. This crane is run by an engine which moves the vehicle as well. Just like truck cranes, rough terrain cranes carry a crane rigging system that stabilizes the machine on uneven ground and hillsides.

All-Terrain Cranes

These cranes combine the onsite, rough-terrain mobility with the ability to use other terrains such as highways and access roads. Typically they have four or five axles with all-wheel drive, giving operators  the opportunities to use them for pick-and-carry operations of large loads.

Choose The Right Crane Follow These Tips:

Tip 1: Think Through Your Project Needs

Tip 2: Get Estimates From Crane Rental Companies

Tip 3: Book The Crane Rental in Advance

Tip 4: Involve your Property Management Team

Tip 5: Coordinate Transportation

Tip 6: Get Approval On Necessary Permits

Tip 8: Prepare the Site


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