Many people looking to rent a crane for the first time make a lot of mistakes that end up in them renting the wrong unit. Don’t let this happen to you. Call KraneWorks first before you start searching for crane rental companies near me. To help you out, here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid making when renting a crane:

Know the project requirements

If you have never hired a crane before you should know that different working conditions require different types of cranes. For example, when working in a rocky area, you need a crane with tough chains that will be able to explore the area.

For requirements its always good to get the input of a rigger. This is a person that is highly experienced in lifting heavy equipment. The professional will inspect the area and give you insight on the right equipment that you should rent.

The rigger will also help you in fastening the cables, chains, and straps at the work site. If you need more crew on the project, the expert will advise you on what you should do and even help you in finding the people to do the work.


If you done a search for crane rental company ct before and rented a crane you are aware that it can sometimes be difficult to find a last minute crane. For you to have peace of mind that you will get the crane when the time for heavy lifting comes, you should book in advance.

Doing this eliminates the rush of going for the first company that you can get.


These are tips that you should consider when searching for crane rental contract ct. For you to get the most from the crane, ensure that you rent it from KraneWorks an established crane rental company in CT.